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If you have come to this web page, it's because you want to know more about Canada and what it has to offer or you already live in Canada and want some recommendations to make the best of it. Welcome!


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I want to live in Canada

Well, you are making a wise decision! Canada is a country with two of the most multicultural cities in the world, where the more different you are the more you fit! In any corner you can see people of different cultures, religions and ages, speaking different languages, and all living together in harmony and with the same purpose of getting thrive as an immigrant. Canada is a country where being an immigrant is a strength. It's a huge country with small population and a growing economy in constant need of workers in various sectors. Canada is a country of opportunities
8 reasons to live in Canada
  1. Peace and tranquility: the sense of safety and tranquility in Canada is very high and, in fact, its crime rate is among the lowest in the world. So much so, that it has been declared one of the best places in the world to live, according to the UN (United Nations).
  2. Solid economy and great job opportunities: Canada's economy is in good health, the unemployment rate is very low, wages are very high and quality of life is first class. In addition, there are several visas for Canada that will allow you to work legally, you can more easily afford your stay expenses thanks to that.
  3. Space and beauty of nature: the vast territory that the country occupies, of almost 10 million square kilometers, guarantees great extensions of natural beauty. Even in big cities you will find an impressive natural environment. In fact Canada has some of the most incredible national parks in the world. In addition you can enjoy all the seasons, from beach days, to days of skiing in the mountains.
  4. Multicultural environment: in Canada there is a great variety of different cultures and ethnicity, which makes life very stimulating and enriching. Also, it will be impossible for you not to feel well received!
  5. Education quality: if you are interested in studying in Canada, we have good news for you! Their educational institutions, both at primary or secondary levels and at higher education institutions, are a guarantee of quality. So much so, that their students always occupy the first places in the rankings of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
  6. Eat like at home: especially in cosmopolitan cities such as Vancouver or Toronto you will find it is incredibly easy to get ingredients from the most international cuisines. In this aspect you can easily feel at home! In addition, the passion for cuisine that exists in Canada means that all its cities have a wide variety of restaurants from all over the world.
  7. Study English: Canadian society is bilingual (with English and French as official languages), so it is an ideal opportunity to improve your level of English. In fact, Canada is always in the TOP 3 of the countries chosen by students to study English abroad.
  8. The paradise of mountain sports: if you love mountain and snow sports, in Canada you will find the perfect place. There is an infinite number of sports and experiences to do in Canada: skiing, snowboarding, rafting, canyoning, canoeing ... and there is even a course to study sports and work as a monitor. 
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la visa
If you have decided to emigrate to Canada, the first thing you will need to know is what kind of visa you need. This will depend on several circumstances:
  • Your nationality and country of residence.
  • The duration of your stay.
  • The type of work you are going to do.
  • If you are going to work and study at the same time.
With regard to work visas, two types can be distinguished in general:
  • Open work permit. It allows you to work with any employer in Canada, except for those who do not meet certain legal conditions.
  • Employer-specific work permit. It allows you to work with a specific employer and the permit will detail the name of the employer and the time of work.
If you want more information about the work visa in Canada, you can access the Canadian Government website here.
In the case where you decide to study (remember that it is only possible to work with technical courses, not with English courses) and work at the same time, the necessary permits are the following:
  • Study permit. You'll have to ask if the course you do in Canada lasts more than six months. You can work at the same time between 20 and 40 hours.
  • The postgraduate work permit. If you have taken a course at an authorized institution and lasted at least eight months, you can request this permit.
  • Working Holiday. This permit can not be requested by people of all nationalities. The duration is one year, you must be between 18 and 35 years old to ask for it, you must be able to take out medical insurance and have 2,500 Canadian dollars saved.

How to find a job?
To find a job in Canada you can use several methods:
  • Networking. Industry and entrepreneur meetups are an excellent opportunity to meet people who can offer you work. Also, as you get to know people, you will make contacts and from there, offers may also arise.
  • LinkedIn. It is the most important social network for professionals. Complete your profile and start contacting people who can offer job opportunities in Canada.
  • Specialized websites. You can check websites like Indeed or Monster to search and find opportunities.
  • Volunteering: Volunteering in events will always be a very proactive way of creating new professional contacts, exploring and learning about different industries, and become known in the market. There is no better way to show interest than to contribute your time for a cause.

How to find accommodation?
If budget is not a problem for you, there will be no problem in finding a department to live, you just have to submit a letter of employment, study or bank statements.
If your budget is limited, to cover the first days of your stay you can book a hostel, they are usually cheap, although you may have to share the room with other people. In those days you can take advantage of looking for a shared flat or a family that hosts you in exchange for a monthly payment.
Share a flat in Canada: flatsharing or homesharing
Floor sharing is one of the best options to enjoy Canadian life. In addition to being one of the most economical alternatives, it is one that offers greater freedom and flexibility to adapt to the rhythm of life with which you feel more comfortable.

How much does it cost to share a flat in Canada? The prices of the rooms in downtown are between $ 600 CAD and $ 1,000 CAD. But the prices can vary a lot depending on the area and the size of the apartment. Sharing a flat will help you to have someone to divide expenses, maintenance and daily chores with, and you will also have someone to speak with and practice your English.

Homestay: living with a family from Canada
Homestay or family homes are usually located outside downtown, they rent several individual rooms to students.

How much does it cost to live with a Canadian family? The cost of a homestay ranges from approximately $ 750 to $ 1,000 CAD, including household expenses and three meals a day. This option of living is very good since you will have a family with whom to practice English and with whom you can learn about the Canadian culture.

What do I need?

What do you need to know to immigrate to Canada?

What do I need?

How much can you earn in Canada?

In general terms, Canada's minimum wage is $ 11 CAD per hour for unskilled jobs, which do not require a specific level of English. Examples of unskilled jobs are: delivery jobs, bartender, cleaning jobs, work in catering, babysitter, store clerk, etc.

Ideally, you can earn a salary of between $15 and $20 CAD per hour in jobs related to the world of hospitality and catering. Normally jobs are 35 hour weeks, and with a student visa you can work up to 20 hours a week to combine with your studies.

On the other hand we have qualified jobs, which usually require some professional training and a good level of English. These jobs pay starting at $21 CAD per hour, and can even reach $80+ CAD per hour depending on the importance of the position and the responsibilities involved.

Salary in Canada

1. Take off your shoes when you arrive at someone's house:
In Canada, everyone has the habit of taking off their shoes at the entrance of the house. In general, the houses already have a small space reserved for guests to leave their shoes. The custom is to try to keep the house always clean, without dirt from the street. So be prepared to stay only in socks even at parties!
2. There is no typical food:
Well, if there's a very typical Canadian dish, it's called "Putin" and it's basically French fries with gravy and cheese curds ... but the advantage is that Canada has so many different cultures, that you can find food from anywhere in the world!
3) You have to bring your own bags to the supermarket:
In Canada you must take your own bags to the supermarket or pay extra for plastic bags in the supermarket. Or put all the food in a backpack and run the risk of it's bottom breaking as it has happened to many.
4) Partying is a little different:
Parties end early in bars and clubs; house parties should not disturb the peace of neighbors; in some provinces the liquor can only be bought in government stores (and bars) ... in short, partying might not be like in our countries and it doesn't sound as fun but at the end of the day this creates a more healthy and controlled festive atmosphere.
5) The Weather
When people come to Canada the first thing they imagine is an igloo and penguins, and it's not like that, Canada has all the seasons and each of them is very well marked, going on winters with -30 degrees with snow where the biggest plan is going skiing, and up to 30 degrees in summer where the beaches are flooded with people sunbathing.

5 Curiosities when arriving in Canada

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I live in Canada

ya vivo aqui
The most multicultural city in the world, the financial capital of Canada, with a population of 2.81 million
Recommendations that can help you!
There are always recommendations of things that can make your experience better! So here we leave you a list of products and services that will surely make your life easier! From where to get money and where to invest it, where to study, where to eat or how to get a gift to your mom in another country! 
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